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Your happy place is waiting.

​"In the quiet theater of your mind, as you replay the golden hours spent with those most dear, which scenes shine the brightest?"


You belong belong together.

We Sell Property That Matters

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When you're lying on your deathbed, what will you regret more?  The amount of time you spent at the office? The amount of money you invested in crypto or in Amazon? Or will you regret the missed opportunities of connection with the loved ones who matter most to you in the places that mean the most to you them? That's what we do. We are Glampy. ​ Sure you can take them to a fancy resort. Easy. Sure you can take them on a cruise. Fun. But what experiences really meant something to you in your lifetime? What experiences really meant something to your spouse... your children...your lifelong friends? Where did the real bonding occur? That's right. It was all about spending time with them in nature with all of its unpredictability and wonder. Usually, the magic involved camping. ​ Nothing can match sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows, strumming a guitar, listening to the sounds of nature, laughing, telling stories, sharing your heart. Simple, yet so powerful. Nothing has meant more to them in the past. Nothing will mean more to them in the future. No more waiting. It's time to take control of your quality time. Camping doesn't have to be tedious. Camping doesn't have to require reservations. Camping doesn't have to be TOTALLY unpredictable. It's time to put planning, predictability and purpose into your quality time with loved ones. It's time to OWN your very own private Glamping property. ​

Traditional Camping

  • Massive Preparation

  • Tiny sleeping and living quarters

  • Uncomfortable blowup mattesses

  • Crowded tent sites and parks

  • No reservations available



  • Roll in to your property by RV or pack your car or truck

  • Bring a massive tent with plenty of living space or go small and simple

  • Sleep on a luxury mattress or the blow up kind, it's up to you 

  • Electricity: Bring a power block for lights, phone chargers, tablets

  • Depending on the climate you can bring heaters and fans

  • Store camp amenities on site during long absences or share with others.


What we do...

What is Glamping? ​ ​

Glamping is camping...only fancier. Imagine staying overnight in the wilderness in the biggest tent you've ever seen in your life. Imagine experiencing all of the energy and magic that nature has to offer, but still enjoying the comfort and convenience of a luxurious bed and a shelter away from the elements. ​ Imagine a beautiful "bridal-suite worthy" king bed frame with the most plush, luxurious mattress you've ever slept on in your life. A simple yet functional shower and sink and even a foot pump flushing portable toilet. ​ The Glamping craze has taken the US by storm. Everyone wants to experience the vulnerability and awe that comes with camping in the wilderness, but without the discomfort or inconvenience of "roughing it." Introducing Glamping! It's like regular camping only...more glamorous.

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With Glampy, You Own Your Campsite!

Glamping is amazing on its own. But Glampy has taken it a step further. Why rent a room for the night, or the weekend, or the week, or even a month...when you can OWN your very own GLAMPING property? Yes, it's yours. The acreage, the tentsite, the amenities, the recreational activities...they all come with the property. Never wonder about reservations again. You own it. You can visit any time you like because it's now your own private Glamping retreat.

Glampy is obsessed with finding you the perfect family retreat center. You owe it to your loved ones to discover what makes Glampy the perfect getaway time and time again. And whether you choose to purchase your location or lease to own the property from us, you're going to be so happy you took action.

With Your Own Glampy Property...
The day you leave, is the day you anticipate your return. 

Glampy Showcase

Attention Property Owners...

Do you own 5-50 acres of vacant land that you are interested in selling? We're constantly purchasing or arranging for the sale of raw land, mostly in Arizona, but also in Utah, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Florida and other states. Click below and fill out our survey to see if you qualify to be added to our advertising co-operative.


Your Job :

1) Select your Property (before someone else.)

3) Then...get here. Your happy place is waiting.

2)  Purchase your property or choose owner financed 10-year lease-to-own

Our Job :

Recommended Ameneties

1) Find under priced properties in Mohave County, Arizona.

2) Evaluate for current market value.

3) Evaluate for future resale potential.

4) Evaluate potential for glamping on now and building on later.

5) Provide suggestions on how to optimize lot for best family glamping ground including all ammenities.

6) Contantly search for new properties that fit the needs or our clients.

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